19 November 2019

Hürriyet Newspaper (A Woman in The Business World)

I graduated from Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture. Then I completed my master's degree at Istanbul Technical University. I first started my business life as a project sales officer in the representative company of a foreign furniture brand. Later on, I decided to use architecture by blending it with sales and this experience carried me to the manager position in my second job.
19 November 2019

Montenegro’s Star Chose The Hotelya

Hotelya, which produces special furniture for world-famous hotels, shopping malls, cafes and restaurants in Turkey and abroad, has moved its expertise to Montenegro. Uniquely designed products realized at Hotelya's professional production facilities have become the choice of TheChediLustica Bay Hotel, the first of the seven hotels in the Gulf of Luštica.
19 November 2019

There is a Turkish Brand in The Bosnia Herzegovina Swissotel

Hotelya, which produces loose and fixed furniture for hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, restaurants, offices, cafes and shops, became the furniture supplier of the new hotel of Swissotel in Bosnia and Herzegovina after the Swissotel chain's hotels in Istanbul and Ankara serving more than 30 hotels in 17 countries.